The highlight in the house Sonnseitn is our wellness area, which our guests use for free (only in the winter season from December to April - no sauna operation in low and summer season).


Just relax

You can expect:
• Finnish sauna
• Cold diving pool
• Kneipp-pool
• Cold air space
• Relaxation room with loungers and tea bar (self-service)
• Lounge
• Shower and sanitary facilities

Give your body warmth and relaxation after an eventful day on the slopes. Regular sauna visits have positive effects on physical health. The sauna area is open daily during the winter months from 17:00 to 21:00. Each guest receives a sauna towel upon arrival.

The physical effects of a sauna are manifold. The skin surface heats up by three to ten degrees, the temperature inside the body rises by one to two degrees. The body reacts by activating the defense cells. The blood vessels expand, the heart rate increases by about 50 percent and the respiratory rate increases. The muscles relax.

The sweat flows during the sauna in streams: The body loses 20 to 30 grams per minute. After 15 minutes in the sweat chamber - that's a sauna session - that's almost half a liter of sweat.

Beneficial for the respiratory system. The hot air also has an ositive effect on the perfusion of the mucous membranes and secretion of secretions in the respiratory tract. Especially, who has problems with the bronchi benefits from regular sauna visits.

Strengthening health. Regular sauna visits have clearly positive effects on physical health. Those who regularly sweat regularly for a long period of time are less susceptible to colds.

The Kneipp-pool. Developed by the German Sebastian Kneipp. The Kneipp therapy is based on hydrotherapy and consists of changing baths of the legs in warm and cold water. It starts with warm and ends in cold water. The blood circulation is stimulated by this therapy and the immune system is strengthened. The application is also good for relaxation, as it also affects the nerves and, for example, insomnia works.